Breeding and Training
Thoroughbred Horses in Northumberland

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Dodson & Horrell

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Beautiful holiday cottage nestled on a country lane in the village of Otterburn. Sleeps up to seven with modern facilities and an enclosed back garden. Only a five minute walk away from the stud.


At Girsonfield a number of facilities ensure that your horse receives both balanced and effective training for the racecourse. 


All-Weather Round Gallop

This 2-furlong circular gallop with a sand and rubber surface is the mainstay of steady build-up canter work.


All-Weather (Carpet Fibre) Hill Gallop

A 4-furlong gallop on site. The steep hill is excellent for improving or maintaining fitness. Resurfaced with carpet fibre and now better than ever.


Newcastle Racecourse

Our horses benefit from training at Newcastle Racecourse. Unbeatable preparation for a race day.


Starting Stalls

On-site training for our Flat horses. Thye learn to long rein through the stalls at an early age. Once near a race, we take advantage of the Pre Stalls assessments at Newcastle Racecourse.



Schooling Facilities

These include hurdles, 'mini-hurdles', show jumps, poles, and fences including an open ditch. Logs and sleeper jumps are also used when hacking out.


Round Pen

An important facility for breaking in young horses. Horses start their education here by being lunged and backed.




Monarch Solarium

As well as improving the horses general health and well-being, the solarium can be used on a daily basis to help quickly dry horses avoiding muscles damage, tightening up and chills. 


Grass Gallop

A flat grass gallop. During the summer the horses love a change and we can use the 5 furlong grass gallop in a huge circle around two fields.

All-Weather Arena
An enclosed space that allows us to loose-school horses over jumps.
All of our horses in training are stabled in a barn system with comfortable and secure Lodden boxes.


Horse Walkers

Used for warming up and cooling down horses before and after exercise. We have two horse walkers enabling us to exercise up to 11 horses at once and being much safer than riding around roads.



Plenty of grazing for horses out of work.


Our Own Haylage

Making our own haylage keeps costs down and quality up and consistent.